Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weezer, World Domination, and Whatnot

First of all, let me just start with a little anecdote. Earlier today I was attempting to do my homework when I was happy to be interrupted by Jayne. We talked about alot of things, but among them it came up that if she could meet any living person it would be Rivers Cuomo. This is the point when I knew me and Jayne were suppposed to be friends. We bonded over the fact that Weezer is the soundtrack of our lives, and she even went to the extreme of avoiding listening to any of them while coming out of a breakup...just so Weezer wouldn't be tainted. Awesome. Anyways, the reason I tell this is because right before I started this post, I was feeling a little grouchy and brain dead, but of course I pop the ipod in, tune into some Weezer and bam, I'm back. Haha.

So, highlights of the past two days...where do I begin? Went to some more class yesterday, yawn. Took a nap though, so that was good, especially since I spent the previous two nights awake past midnight getting some juicy boy stories (my girl bonding boy stories is already up to 4 for the week!). Played some boggle, which I thankfully still dominate at, otherwise my ego would be the size of a peanut by now because I've lost at almost everything else since I got here. We all know how much Elyse feels the need to retain her world domination of boggle. :-) Let's see...oh here's a good story...well I'm kind of ashamed...but that's not going to stop me now. We had a guest lecturer yesterday and instead of just skipping (which really would have been more respectful) I went and sat in the back row with Miriam, Moon, Jake, and Stefanie where we played pictionary telephone for an hour. I really do feel bad I didn't listen, but things like the byu cougar looking like a t-rex and something about hands down, kind of made it worth it.

Today was our field trip day around Jeru (this is my new loving via comments if you think it's blasphemous) where we went to about 5 different sites and discussed how the related to the old testament. The best part was defnitely singing Nearer My God to Thee at the Nabi Samwil mosque/synagogue though. Wow. So after that took most of the day, I forced myself to do some homework, eat dinner, and then play ping pong again. Unfortunately I made the mistake of inviting other people to Stefanie and I's it turned into a whomping session (which has officially been defined as a win margin of at least 10 pts) where one guy pretty much took us all down. Vicious.

Yep, so that pretty much covers it...well not really...but I'm tired. However, before I get some much needed sleep, I'm giving a holla to the peeps reading this. Thanks for taking an interest in my sad little life, and I miss every single one of you mega much. Don't think just because I'm having a good time that I've forgotten you! So here I am, sending some love all the way from Jerusalem, from me to you! <3>


  1. How cute: You miss me "mega much?" Well good news for you, we lead identical lives, so you can just hang with me instead of miss me :)

  2. Telephone pictionary is a family favorite with the Tanners. :) I would have liked to see the cougar-T-rex. :)

    My vote: not blasphemous.

  3. i love blasphemous. rock on baby. and go rock jeru