Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Productivity Wanes

I don't think I'm capable of writing a blog unless I have incomplete homework hanging over my head. That's just life. Meh. Anyways, the last two days haven't been too exciting...well as dull as you can get in the Holy Land anyway...which almost beats exciting back in Provo on any given day. So, sunday was our first full free day in Jerusalem. It was pretty exciting, for everyone except me that is. I chose to spend the day doing laundry, catching up on homework, and taking a nap. Slacking off can only go so long before it becomes apparent my grades are going to suffer. That was the price I had to pay. Anywho, yesterday was spent between classes and yet another long shopping trip with a group of girls into the old city. Apparently I'm the shopping guru because everybody likes it when I tell them to buy (or more commonly NOT buy) things. But let's be honest, the fact that my bossiness is being welcomed by others is kind of a foreign concept to me. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough and we'll be back to the "Yes Elyse, we know you have an opinion but we just don't care." Then the world will be right again. Let's see what else...oh my new name is E-lice thanks to my arabic teacher. However, I now know how to say hello (marhaba), goodbye (maesalame), and three different ways to say no. My personal favorite is the clicking of the tongue (I love this country). I plan to combine it with an upwards head nod and raised eyebrows just to get the "no" across the next time I'm proposed to by a local. Why can't men from my own country every propose marriage? Seriously! It's all Jamaican/Ecuadorians and Middle Easterners. But my life is hard like that. Lastly, I just can't post another blog without relating the juicy gossip the hookup board has brought upon the JC. It all started with Richelle, Miriam, and Moon's spare corkboard in room 410. Throw in some stick figure pictures, thumb tacs, and a room full of girls....you get drama. Now an online survey has been established in order to place votes on which people would be the best hookups. But considering there are only 17 guys and 62 girls, the guys have some good odds while the rest of us girls are doomed to loser-ness, or should I say permanant peon status? Like I said, my life is hard. Anywho, tomorrow we are taking a tour of the Kotel tunnel, and I anticipate good things. Not to mention we have the Egypt trip 4 days. Woot! So right here and now I'm vowing to upload some pictures before then, because apparently nobody follows the "no uploading pictures" rule around here anyway. I am such a rebel.


  1. yeah you need to get on that picture thing or your blog may not stay voted "best blog" anymore... woot for the hook up board :)

  2. I want pictures! Pictures Pictures Pictures! I will start a riot!

  3. hottest hookups... oh so awesome.