Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can Somebody Get Me a Visual?

I’m not even going to lie, I am jamming to the High School Musical 3 Soundtrack right now and loving every minute of it. One of my last purchases in the states before I left the homeland. Gotta keep my priorities straight you know? Anywho, today is an exciting day for all of us. First, because I had a basically awesome day. Second, because….drum roll please….you get pictures!!!! So be prepared for some visual stimulation....

The following escalator can be found in the Vienna, Austrian airport, and basically sums up the trip here. Quite possibly the longest voyage of my life. As for the cigarettes, well I'm pretty sure Austrians just think people shouldn't smoke, so they require death warnings on the packages. Why doesn't our country do this? Brilliant!

While the trip here was less than pleasant, the party started once we got here. The first few nights were spent in the ping pong room playing around the world. As you can see, we take it very seriously. The second picture is our rockin dance party at the shekel shaq...which is really just a junk food bar. But still good.

Hold onto your hats, because here's a re-cap of some amazing sights I've seen since I got here. We go on field trips about once a week, so you can be jealous. :-) Here we've got a view of the Benjamin Plateau where we froze our butts off getting the low down on the history of it. Next is the Nabi Samwil Church which had some of the most beautiful ceiling paintings I have ever seen. The third is a picture of the Garden of Gethsemane, which was pretty much beyond words. Finally is the church of all nations, which is right beside the Garden and also had some amazing art and sculpture.

And for the grand finale, I'm going to introduce the amazing people that put up with me here in the JC. They are seriously the coolest people ever, and I would not be having the time of my life without them...
Here is Stephanie, and although we cannot be "best friends" we can be "dear friends". Apparently we've gotten tight enought that everyone thinks we knew eachother before we got here. But when you're playing ping pong every night, fixing eachother's life problems, and single-handedly creating social classes among 78 people, you tend to get close. On the bottom we have Shamra, who I like to call Sham-a-lama, just because it's fun. She is riot and also has a deep seeded obsession with ping pong. Recently we've taken to eating dinner together where I get the dessert on my tray and she eats half of my tray...because she's "not allowed" to have dessert. Yeah doesn't make sense to me either.

Meet Jayne, who knows how to have a good time and make friends. She is one of the sweetest girls I know, and I can always count on her for a good chat. We share a mutual love for Weezer and obviously has some serious dance moves. The girl with the awesome hair is Moon, who's the craziest, coolest, most loving person ever. She really does just love everyone, and is a walking party. Seriously, if I'm ever bored, I know Moon's got something going on and I can hang with her.

Next is Richelle. We got tight on our first field trip when I demanded to know her life story and I got about 7 different parts in between geographic lectures and sightseeing. She is amazing at photography and I love giving her hugs. She makes me happy. Finally we have Miriam, who is a self admitted serial flirt, but not the bad kind lol. She is one of those girls that has everything going on. Smart, funny, cute, friendly, and an awesome girl. Not just anyone can pull off that face and make it look good.

Now just so you all know, this list is non-exclusive and in no particular order. I have many more friends and even more to make. I fully intend on making everyone my friend by the end of this 4 months...whether they like it or not. Haha. But obviously I've got some work to do. So for now, I hope you've enjoyed this trip down photograph lane.


  1. You better not love anyone more than you love me...I'm getting a little green back here in the states.

  2. I am pretty sure Miriam's picture is perfect for her.

    and mine is... interesting. And I love you... you are an angel!!

  3. Is that Jeffrey Stott being knighted with a ping-pong bat? He went to London with Melissa, Sara and me. Crazy.

    Elyse, just so you know: I love you! No, seriously.