Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kings, Camels, and Bizarre....I mean Bazaar

Life in Egypt just doesn't slow down. Today was spent between the Valley of Kings (where I saw King Tut!), a few ancient temples, and my personal favorite...the camel safari! There is some incredible symbolism in the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, and I found myself wishing I knew more about the symbols in our own LDS temples, but all in good time I suppose.
On our way to the camel safari I snapped a few pictures of the Nile from our felucca, which is consequently gorgeous and disgusting all at once. The camels were pretty great, and I got to learn about the local village of Barad. The camel ride must have been inhibiting my brain function though because I ate some sugar cane handed to me by a local. Oh well, no parasites so far.

Finally, we finished the day off with a trip to the bazaar. This was definitely the most culturally shocking experience of Egypt by far. Walking down the road shopkeepers come out ready to weasel every egyptian pound they can out of you. Everyone wants a piece of the gullible white kids. It was definitely a different way of shopping. Overall though, a good learning experience. The best part of the day was this sunset though.


  1. What was your camel's name? I've heard some interesting ones....Abraham, Obama and 50 Cent.

  2. Thanks for your comment support Noelle, my own family is neglecting. LoL. My camel's name has escaped me...but I remember my roommate's camel was Michael Jordan.