Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Educational Post Please

So I've realized this blog is often about the people and all the goings on in the JC, so from here on out I'm just what I am. First, yesterday was class as usual and then we got to go out into the city again. I went with a group of girls this time, and we spent waaaaaay too much time and money shopping. It was good though, and I got a chance to talk to some of the merchants who are really so good to us. It's so funny because everywhere we go people know we're "the mormons." I've been abroad before, but never so labelled. It's interesting. It's kind of funny too, because everyone knows the mormons are honest and conscious of morals. We also got a lecture on the dead sea scrolls from Bro. Skinner, and that was cool. Learned a ton of stuff about the ancient civilization of Qumran and loved every second of it.

Today was a little more intense. We had 4 straight hours of class (which I can apparently no longer handle) where I starved since I thought it was a good idea to sleep in and skip breakfast. Then I made the even smarter decision of eating a chocolate candy bar prior to lunch. I'm sure my dad is cringing at the thought lol. After lunch I should've gone straight to homework, but my self discipline is getting worse and I played volleyball for almost 2 hours and yes, I got hit in the head again. It was epic this time though because I was on the receiving end of a spike that hit my forehead so hard it almost bounced to the ceiling. And it knocked me down. Good times. Anywho, after that was the real treat. We went to another mini lecture by Bro. Skinner about the Western (wailing) wall and then walked down to wall itself. It was really cool to see everyone all dressed up in their Shabbat best and reading the Torah. I ended up sitting by a giant golden menorah and listening to another boy story. I've decided to become a story collector. It really is awesome.

As for the silly social stuff that is ever pervasive here...I'll just hit the highlights. 1) A few days ago I was officially labelled as one of the popular peons. What is this you ask, well, according to Stefanie, it is one who lots of people know but does not have "ritzy popular" status. Now we've started a revolution where everyone has to be on a side...Ritzy or Peon...judge for yourself which you choose. But we all know where I stand now. 2) Yesterday at dinner we had an almost fiasco that officially made it into the JC Hall of Infamy. Stefanie wasn't brave enough to tell it in her blog, but I'm all over it. Stefanie and I walked up to Moon after clearing our trays (our cafeteria seriously feels like high school) to chat for a minute. Stefanie is holding a glass of water that comes dangerously close to spilling on Moon. Then she asks "What would you do if I spilled this on you Moon?" and Moon replies "Do it and see." Now me, thinking I'll take Stefanie down the path that rocks, smartly quip "She won't do it, she's not brave enough." Two seconds later I'm wide eyed and backing up as a drenched Moon jumps out of her chair, grabs some food, and stuffs it into Stefanie's face. Visions of an Oasis-wide food fight flashed before my eyes...but luckily Stefanie just ran away and the only reprecussions were one of the faculty's wife's almost having a heart attack. It was all in good fun though. My life never has a dull moment around here.


  1. oh elyse, you troublemaker! I love it.

  2. You are so lucky. I'm jealous of your awesome adventures and fantastically fun findings in far off places.

  3. Thanks for blowing my cover GF... Sheesh! But I must admit, that was pretty accurate. Turns out you're a story collector and a story teller both!

  4. I'm Stefanie's sister (living my dream of going to the JC through you guys) and wanted to thank you for posting this food fight story. :) Good times. :) I also loved your allusion to Emperor's new Groove. I can tell you and Stefanie have many more memories ahead of you. :) Have fun!