Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heavy Dose of Insomnia

Right now it is almost 3am and I am still not feeling sleep coming on. Sometimes insomnia really sucks....unfortunately I have a pretty good idea of the cause, and it's not going away in the near future. I've already been caught red-handed by building security walking around with flashlights. Luckily they have mercy on insomniacs. Anywho, today was another awesome Shabbat. Church was amazing, choir singing and all, and we even got to visit the Garden of Gethsemane along with the Church of All Nations. (Don't worry mom, I'll drag my lazy butt up to Hebrew University to upload the pictures soon enough) It was so neat to walk down the Mount of Olives through Orson Hyde Park and then into the Garden. It was just a small gated off piece of land with olive trees, but still amazing. They church was gorgeous too. The interior is beautiful, but unfortunately it was too dark for any pics. So even though we had to climb a killer hill back, it was infinitely worth it. I love walking around this city. But of all the places I've been so far, the chapel here in the JC is still my favorite. There's just something about sitting there in silence and looking over the whole city through our huge semi-circular windows. Oh and the rain, I love that too. When it rains, it pours...just the way I like it.

Among other things, the past two nights we've inducted a new tradition amongst our group, something I like to call Extreme Signs. You may have played signs before, but nothing beats this. Imagine at least 40 people crammed into a deformed circle and making the most absurd hand/face/body gestures while trying to evade the middle person's touch. Tonight's game included a tug of war where I ended up alone in middle, and on my backside. For some reason the day can't end without me somehow embarrassing myself. But at this point I have no shame, so it's all good. I also busted out my purple genie pants that I bought in the city. They were well received and as a result, my permanent hand sign is the genie in the bottle. I've also officially mastered all 78 students first (and i think last) names. So now I can successfully pretend to be everyone's friend without them really having a choice. I'll just walk up to them and be like "Hey So and so, how about that Islam class today? What's for lunch? What? You want to sit by me because I'm so cool?" Haha ok that wouldn't really happen, but knowing names sure helps.

Well, before I sign off for bed, a quick shout out to Kellie, who's "I miss you" playlist inspired this post ;-) You are awesome. Bet on it!


  1. I want to learn more about this game...

    Hey check out Alyse's blog... she actually updated it a few times with some good stuff and some awesome pics.

    Luff You!

  2. Why is there not a picture of the purple genie pants???