Sunday, January 25, 2009

Viva La Egypt

Today has been one long dizzy ride, and we're only halfway there. There were so many historical sights we stopped at that my head is still spinning. It was still a good time though. We had the privelege of wearing hard hats whilst in Beer-sheba, which was consequently in missile range from Gaza. Then we stopped at a national park (the name escapes me) where we had WAY too much fun taking pictures. Here's just a taste....

Lunch was spent looking out over the Wilderness of Zin, which was basically incredible. Standing at the overlook makes you feel like you're about to be swallowed by the world. The second one is of me and Sharon, who is pretty much hilarious and amazing all wrapped into one. Oh and I got pretty tight with the national park mascot as well. Look at me make friends!

The culminating event of the day however, was definitely the kibbutz. A kibbutz is a predominantly Jewish community that basically lives like a zionist/socialist lifestyle. Everyone that works, eats, sleeps, and helps provide for the community. Once they explained it to us and layed out a wonderful feast, we stuffed our faces. Now everything is always "In the spirit of Kibbutz" when we share things. They also have a strange affinity for cows at the kibbutz. Everything smells like cow and there's cow statues all over the place. Needless to say, we had a little too much fun. We finished the night off playing a seriously intense game of electricity with at least 40 people and yet another dance party. Overall, way too much for one day.


  1. So when you take a group picture like that...does everyone get out their cameras or do you all decide to share when you get back to the center?