Monday, January 12, 2009


So even though I only have 15 credits here and no job whatsoever, it still feels like I run from one thing to the next...granted they are things like taking a nap, writing emails, reading, and going to the old city. But still. Anywho, life in the JC is just hunky dory. Yesterday was pretty exciting though. We got to go out on the town by ourselves (aka in groups of at least five) and experience Jerusalem. Unfortunately, my group's sense of direction (alas my own internal compass failed me) was a little off and we ended up at the end of a sketch alley trying to find Jaffa Gate. Then we were suddenly surrounded by 12 year olds shouting "HALLO! HALLO! JAFFA GATE? DIS WAY! YES DIS WAY" It was pretty intense, and they were pretty persistent, but we decided to follow back the way we came and avoided disaster. We also had our first Jewish and Palestinian classes yesterday. Our Jewish teacher Ophir Yarden is the bomb. He's bald and wears a kapa (?) which he has to tape to his head with double stick tape (yes we asked lol). Our Palestinian teacher is...interesting. His name is Adnan Musallam and he likes interpreting names. Last night we had the grand opening of our snack bar, loving called the Shekel Shaq. This was accompanied by a wicked dance party where we all know I got my awkward groove on. I'd like to think that Jayne, Stefanie, and I singlehandedly got the party going on. After that the hard core people went down and played ping pong (while i conveniently finished my laundry in the next room). By the time I went to bed my whole body ached. Today hasn't been quite as exciting. Although we did have Arabic for the first time today. I learned a total of one word, Shukar, which means thank you. Our teacher is pretty much the funniest guy on the planet. Seriously, I love the faculty here. There is so much diversity and good vibes going around, I'll never be bored. So basically, life is literally a party one big sleepover with 78 people. It is awesome. Peace!


  1. I'm so sad I couldn't see your awkward grooving! You sound like you're having a blast, which is awesome. The double sided tape is great! I think that in the weeks to come you should find the time to yell goodnight at everyone. I love you!

  2. you know, I've been thinking about it and it's always the little kids in those creepy movies...always!