Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pyramid Play

Today was yet another experience overload. We did and saw so much that it would take me forever to recap it all. Firstly, started the day off right with an arm wrestling match against Stefanie. Unfortunately we were both too lame to finish and had to call it a draw. But for a few seconds there I felt like I was kind of famous. Haha. The rest of the day was spent bus riding all over Cairo. The first stop was just one of the seven world wonders, dun dun dun, the Giza Pyramids. I remember studying them intensely in Mrs. Brough's 10th grade world history class. This lady had a mummified cat in her room, so you can imagine her enthusiasm about pyramids. She'd be so proud to see me now...

Our next stop was a papyrus store where the majority of us spent way too much money on overpriced papyri. I couldn't afford the egyptian calendar one that I wanted, so I took a picture since it was free. :-) Got bored waiting on the bus after and decided I needed a picture with boys in them since no one believes I make friends with guys. Here's Jacob and J.J., what studly men eh? Then we headed to Zoser's step pyramid and ruins next. There was some incredible hieroglyphics and columns, but Moon, Jess, Stef, and I got too distracted attempting to pose as cingular bars. Who's idea was that anyway?

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