Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Top Ten Best Things about the Jerusalem Center

10 - Every day, five times a day, the call the prayer permeates the walls of the building and rings out with perfect clarity, usually just in time to wake you up from a nap.

9 - Every meal is prepared by friendly and talented chefs (who are always giving you an extra scoop of whatever they're serving even though you really can't eat it) and then the food is enjoyed in the luxury of the lovely oasis cafeteria.

8 - Each week you turn in your bed linen and towels which are then exchanged for a wonderfully new and clean set that usually still smells a little like bleach (let's be honest, this is a dream come true for me).

7 - The ping pong table is conveniently located in the laundry room so that you don't have to take time out of your busy day to schedule a match in, simply put in a load and get your ping on.

6 - There are secrets everywhere, more specifically, there is a secret room where hundreds of JC-ites have permanently made their mark on the historical building. Don't you wish you knew where?

5 - Every night is a party, whether there's a movie to watch, a game to play, or a flashdance to attend, the JC has always got something going on to convince you that homework isn't really that important.

4 - The shekel shaq is open daily from 8:30-10pm (except shabbat of course) to satisfy your need for essential things like popcorn, magnum bars, and my personal favorite, snickers.

3 - Everywhere you go there are windows with amazing views of Jerusalem. When asked what would happen if the students were distracted from their studies by this, one director replied "Then they will be poets."

2 - There are only a few flights of stairs between where your bed and class, which means sleeping in until literally the last moment possible is a very wonderful reality.

1 - You get to spend all of your time doing things with 78 of the most amazing people EVER!!!!!!


  1. That sounds like the best life ever. Oh, how I wish BYU would take applications from people not going to BYU!

  2. I LOVE THIS!! Though 10 things isn't enough to capture the "Best of the JC"

    ((and I know where the secret room is... muhaha))

  3. I stumbled across this blog, and it made my day. I lived in the center 20 years ago while my dad was teaching there. Such an amazing place, wish I could go back.