Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Jordan Journey P.1

Okay so I'm a little behind on the times, but I'll try to hit all the high points of Jordan briefly. We're going to do it picture style though because I can remember better that way. So after pulling out of Jeru our first stop was Mount Nebo where the infamous Brazen Serpent resides. However, it was closed due to renovation or something. Sad huh? But there were some really need mosaics, which I always love, so it was worth it.
One of my favorite mosaics that I saw.
Here's Miriam and I atop the mountain with our matching black eyes. Twinners!
Angie, Valorie, me, and Richelle on the road to the Red Sea.
The next day was our much anticipated visit to Petra where we did lots of hiking, site seeing, and of course picture taking. Our stops included ancient ruins, a sacrificial altar (which we had way too much fun re-enacting), and a view from the end of the world! It was pretty much incredible. This visit brings my world wonder visits to TWO, all in a matter of weeks! I love my life.
Here's Lisa and I with an authentic Petranian (?) man. Kind of resembles a viking I think.
Stefanie and me in front of the treasury at Petra. Just like Indiana Jones...except no Harrison Ford...and it's in black and white because I am camera retarded.
Here's a group of us just outside one of the many Petra sites.

Lisa, Stefanie, Kara, Angie, Suzie, and I making our train in front of the monastery. Chugged all the way to the top of that mountain baby!

Rockin the Jordanian flag and the view of the end of the world!

And of course I can't leave out our signature picture of the visit....Petrified in Petra.

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