Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Jordan Journey P.2

Okay so I've been slacking lately, and since that seems to be my motto for everything as of late, this post might not be as entertaining (not that I am under the delusion of being really entertaining), but you can blame mid-terms for that. So for the recap, on our third day in Jordan we visited the Roman ruins of Jerash where we got to put a spoon in a column and watch it shake as we attempted to push it over. Then we proceeded to have a dance party in the roman theater, and finally watch an authentic live-action chariot race. It was some pretty exciting stuff.
Later on that day we made our way to the dvd store where all the crazy american students practically bought out the sad little shop. It was awesome. We also went to the Mecca Mall in Amman where we got a little taste of home in the multi-storied shopping center. We had fun hanging out in the arcade like teenagers and laughing in the bathroom at a rather entertaining butchery of the English language. On the way home we decided to carry on tradition and start up a dance party in the backseat of our taxi. Putting neon lights in the back of a car is ALWAYS a good idea, if you ask me.
Another point of interest was the King Abudllah mosque where all the girls got to dress up in questionable smelling black dress robes before entering. While I wasn't a fan of the robe, I really loved being inside the mosque and listening to the guide explain some of the deeper points of Islamic worship. Plus, all of the mosques here are breathtakingly beautiful.
Somewhere along the way we stopped at more roman ruins and then the Jordan River. Overall, Jordan exceeded all expectations and helped me further appreciate the Arabic culture. The people were awesome, the food was edible, and the sites were gorgeous. Basically, I love Jordan.
Of course the Jordan blog can't be complete without mention of what happened at the border. By now our group is getting pretty efficient at going through borders, but the process always seems to get longer. So this time, just like every other, I emptied my pockets and walked through the metal detector without a second thought. Unlike every other time, it beeped. After assuring them that I had nothing else on me and walking through the detector a few more times, I was sent to the side to await my fate. After waiting around for about 20 minutes and being body searched multiple times, it was finally determined that I did not, in fact, have a bomb on my person...only a very threatening and ominous underwire bra. Good times I tell you...good times.


  1. A friend of mine told me about a similar thing happening with her bra at the airport. I've always hoped that wouldn't happen to me. So embarrassing!

  2. Lol. I would have just stripped off my bra and been like "wanna keep it" and winked. They would have left you alone after that lol!

  3. Like they couldn't have determined that in the first 30 seconds?! Sorry you had to go through that! But like my friends sometimes say, Hey, I looked at it like a free body massage!