Saturday, March 14, 2009

Study and Play

This week has been killer. I've spent way more time inside than is ever desirable for any human being. That's the one negative aspect of the Jerusalem have an entire community inside a building, so unless you force yourself outside you could almost become a cave dweller. Luckily, we started the week off with a field trip around Herodian Jerusalem. We got to walk on streets that Jesus would've walked and sit on the steps where he would've taught. It was pretty much awesome.
Lauren and I in an ancient hallway just inside the city wall of Jerusalem.
Our group on the steps outside where the temple would have been.
The rest of the week has been full of studying, tests, papers, and stress. Trying to squeeze an entire Old Testament class into a brief month and a half has proved rather difficult. However, we still manage to find ways to avoid study. This week was Jewish Purim, which meant everyone dressed up just like Halloween. So we went out on the town and observed some quality Jeru culture. Then we had another field trip to the separation wall on Thursday. Danny Seideman was our lecturer, and the entire experience was incredible. He really opened my eyes to some of the current issues, and the wall basically speaks for itself.
I'm super excited about the juggler behind me. He entertained us on the exciting streets of Jerusalem during Purim.
Here is the separation wall. A great big concrete mass simply dividing people frome eachother.

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