Friday, March 6, 2009

The Incident

Okay so before I launch into my Jordan travels from this week, I need to dedicate a little entry. First I'll recap the day before "the incident", because that was an awesome as well. A group of us decided to again brave the rain and go to the Jewish market (they call it a suq) so we'd have goodies for the trip. The suq is seriously one of my favorite places in the whole city. There is tons of dried fruit, nuts, fish, candy, bread, etc. I was so enthralled I bought $10 worth of dried pinapple, strawberries, kiwis, and nuts. The people are always so friendly and it is really just a cultural experience walking through the streets in this place. I love it.
Moon and I in front of my favorite fruit and nut stand. Yummy.
Here Anne and I are posing in the middle of the suq. Clearly we enjoy making a spectacle of ourselves.
Enjoying ice cream at McDonald's where the kids meals have toy cell phones that play "Barbie girl". This is Nycole, Heidi, Kara, me, and Moon.

Later on that day I found myself in our gym again playing that crazy sport of body ball. Now first of all, I have to admit that just a few hours earlier in the day I looked at my multi-colored fingernails and thought, "Gee, I should really cut those soon." But of course I ignored that still small voice. So, I'm in the gym playing and all is going well until Miriam takes a ball to the face and gets a little hit in the eye. Being the sensitive friend that I am I yell "Suck it up Miriam" and continue playing. Kharma comes back to me later when I take the exact same hit to the face from Bryan. My first thought was that I just got the wind knocked out of me and my eye would only be a little sore, but then the blood started oozing and I knew I was in trouble. So I ran to the bathroom laughing the whole way and Haley helped me mop up the mess. For pure entertainment, here's the pics....
Just pretend like this was actually taken at the moment of impact. Note the terror in my eyes and face.
Me as the battered wife and Bryan as my abusive husband trying to make amends. See that bruise on my arm? Abuse I tell you!
After I forgave him and we decided we could make it work.
*Disclaimer* My black eye was not in any way, shape, or form Bryan's fault. It was pure stupid on my part.


  1. So I'm confused. Did you stab yourself in the eye with your nail when the ball hit you? Or did that round bouncy object actually make you bleed. If thats the case, Bryan sure knows how to throw a ball :)

  2. I'm with Sara...where did the blood come from?

  3. Wow, that is a real shiner! What is the purpose of Body ball? I love that the phones played Barbie Girl at Mc Donald's. :)