Sunday, February 15, 2009

Too Cool For School

So, it is nearly midnight and instead of studying for a midterm tomorrow I am wasting time doing handstands, singing nacho libre songs, and losing leg wrestling matches. Let's be honest...I'm just too cool for school. And I did pretty good on my religion midterm, so I feel a little justified in slacking off. Well, except I've been doing it for over a month now. Someday I'll care, maybe. Anywho, we'll recap the last few days for those of you at home. Last week we had an amazing talent show where I had the opportunity to behold the magnificence of my peers. Seriously, there are some crazy talented people around here. I wish we had talent shows everyday. Friday was the midterm of death for Bro. Skinner's class and I uncharacteristically spent a 5 hour cram session with a group of people. This is a little taste of what the session yielded....
That night we unwound with a friday the 13th dance party. Getting our crazy on together is always a good time. Not to mention the occassion to wear absurd amounts of makeup and scary/weirdo clothes is a sure fire way to have fun. What a good looking group we are. We also continued a secret JC tradition after that...but that's another blog altogether. Although I will say that pantsing Miriam back definitely felt good. And, "That was awesome."

Saturday was another great shabbat as usual and I'm always amazed by the incredible testimonies and examples of the people here. I love hearing them speak, teach, and perform, and just learning from them. I can't say enough how much I love these people!

Today was another free day, and it was well spent with a visit to the Israeli government headquarters called the knesset (just say it out loud, like huh?) where they had some awesome art. A triptych tapestry, some incredible mosaics, and a magnificent olivetree/bronze sculpture made the experience worthwhile. However, they were lame and didn't let us take pictures inside, so you have to live with this picture of me and a menorah star outside the knesset. Moon also found in entertaining to physically harrass all of the girls in the group throughout the knesset tour. Thanks for the memories Moon.
In other news, sleep deprivation has reached an all time high and it seems my scholastic motivation is in direct an all time low. Yet I somehow manage to find the energy to play extreme signs, sing along to disney movies like aladdin, and play absurd amounts of ping pong (shout out to Stefanie who beat me today!). I think I might be regressing back into idle adolescence. Or perhaps I never left it...


  1. No picture of Ziva inside the Knesset? Darn. LoL. I need to polish up on my ping pong skills...

  2. wow. that was deep. you should probably sleep more chica. And/or, plan a High School Musical for next friday the 13th :) I think that was a very good idea!

  3. elyse, you really are to cool for school. that is really the best way to put it! lets do handstands and act like animals more often! haha love you

  4. my vote: you never left adolescence. but then again, neither did i...

  5. haha Elyse you have always been too cool for school.....Sara too. P.S. Happy Valentines Day and Presidents Day! Love ya!

  6. You're too cool for me! I'm so jealous you get to do all these cool things... You rock my world!