Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Great Blogging Problem

So, I have a confession to make. I recently succumbed to the temptation of google analytics and now know just how under-appreciated my blog is. Not to mention the lack of comments I’ve had in recent weeks. Therefore, I will be blogging less frequently in order to punish you all…just kidding. Kind of. Actually, I really just need to quit wasting so much time on the computer formatting the stupid blog. So you’ll have to take whatever I can give you.

Anywho, the last few days have been just as crammed full of excitement as the past month. Shabbat on Saturday was awesome and we had the profound privilege of hearing a fireside by the Presiding Bishop of the Church, H. David Burton. We also got in some hard core choir practice, which has been lovingly dubbed “Squire Choir.” But seriously, Sister Squires is a champ for putting up with all of us. Sunday was spent between classes, singing in a cistern, visiting the Coptic church, and of course more shopping. Here’s a group of us on the stairs of the cistern and the other one is outside the Coptic church where Stefanie pretended to be mad at me (a fiasco regarding a nice note that apparently didn’t have enough obvious sarcasm) while Ryan... just posed as himself.

Yesterday we had yet another field trip. Every time we go on a field trip I think it can’t be better than the last, but then it is. This time we visited the sites where biblical stories like Samson and Delilah as well as David and Goliath took place. We also got some contemplative time at the top of the Elah Valley. It was amazing to just look over the valley and imagine all of the history that has occurred here over the years.

The highlight of the day however, had to be the Micah caves. Here we got to climb through some crazy tunnels and basically pretend like we were in Indiana Jones. It beat the Disneyland version hands down. Brother Huff was our valiant leader who not only led us through the caves, but gave us a serious info download. The man is a genius. Here he is teaching us about the wine presses and the last one is Richelle and I showing off ourdirt after coming through the “birth canal” tunnel.
Today has been a catch up on homework (which I’m always behind on) and laundry day (which is clearly necessary after the caves). Although with all the things I have to do I still manage to play ping pong. Unfortunately, word has gotten out that I play every day so now people are under the impression that I’m really good. That would be a negative. Oh well, I’ll live it up until I embarrass myself as usual. It’s good to know some things never change.


  1. Elyse, I think the reason you're lacking on comments is because everyone is speechless with envy. At least, that's my problem.

  2. Hi Elyse! (Stef's mom here) Your post was license for me to comment-my daughter hates it when I do, but oh, well...Anyway, you're exactly right! Just get some words down and don't worry about the presentation-we live for your insights and it cements them in there for you too! Hey, you must be a good ping ponger because I hear you've been beating Stefanie to pieces and I know she's good! Kudos on that one! (She's so good at so many things I'm secretly happy to have her humbled a bit at the table!) Did you get a blast out of the trumpet at Jericho? I've heard it's extremely difficult. When we were there the site was too dangerous so we couldn't even go! Great to talk to you Sunday!

  3. So whats with deleting Musings of Love? It wasn't that embaressing. I'm a litle upset here. However I haven't been posting because I've just been saying everything in those awesome emails I've been sending you! So don't feel neglected!

  4. I'll try and leave more comments so you don't feel unloved. Really it's just that for some reason I can't post comments from my phone and I'm hardly ever on the computer. For you, I'll make more of an effort. Only for you though.

  5. Those caves looked so awesome. I'm really jealous of all the fun field trips you guys get to take. How I wish I were there instead of here!