Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Jeru Zoo

Today was a glorious free day that I took full advantage of. After getting a whopping 8 hours of sleep I woke up chipper and bright, ready to take on a day of play. I even made it to the Oasis with enough time to eat a full breakfast instead of sneaking a roll as the door closed. Made it all the way to the Jerusalem Zoo, despite the fact that the taxi robbed us of 10 shekels a piece. But I'm not bitter or anything...especially considering mother hasn't deposited my check yet (hint hint mom). It's all good though. So, the zoo was pretty much awesome. I fell in love with a three-legged leopard...and a prairie dog. Just look at them!

Seriously, I'm adopting a praire dog when I get home. Anyways, there were giraffes, elephants, tigers, meerkats, kangaroos, snakes, and a whole lot of birds. I've never had so much fun at a zoo. Of course that may or may not be because I've the awesome company. Here's us posing with some bear statues that had a warning sign on it about the metal being very hot at specific times of the day. I love that society is pathetic enough to need a sign for that.

Anyways, after the zoo we hit up the Israel Museum where Lauren, Nycole, and I had some special "bonding" time. Listened to the brilliance of Bro. Skinner for awhile, and then split home where I had every intention of doing homework...and didn't. Played some ping pong, checked some email, reviewed for a test, went to choir practice, and then hit up the Egyptian dance party. I know you all thought I was exaggerating when I said it's like a party everyday, but I wasn't lying...

Oh, and let's not forget that almost every person has been converted to the magnificence of what I like to call "the brownie surprise". This is a flaky pastry filled with something akin to brownie batter. Basically, all hope for a healthy lifestyle is dead to me now. I crave them at all times of the day, and since we're all obsessed with food here (it's a main topic of conversation at all times) there's no point in denying it. My roommate Jess brought me one home tonight, and I literally kissed her. That is roommate love. Anywho, I'm still backlogging on Egypt, so if you get bored, keep checkin up on those 10 days I went missing.

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  1. You guys are seriously all about dance parties! I loved the costumes from the Egyptian one. :) Nice animal pictures from the zoo trip!