Monday, February 23, 2009

Business as Usual

Alright so I've been getting a little lazy as of late, but blogging just takes so much time. I'd rather waste my time other places rather than glued to my laptop. Anywho, life is business as usual at the JC. Old Testament class got a little dull the other day though, so Moon spiced it up with a little picture. Here was the finished product. My favorite part is the head bandage personally, but judge for yourself.This also reminded me of another important point. I finally had to make the transition from my favorite black ink pen to the blue. It was rough, but all for the better. We'll see if the reprecussions are manifested in my test scores after studying two different colored inks. Hard life huh? Let's see what else...we had an amazing storm on Saturday that provided an incredible backdrop for sacrament meeting. Although choir practice was pretty amazing too since we sang "Master the Tempest" as rain was beating down on all the windows. Then a patch of sunlight shined (is that proper tense? hm) through for just a moment. Things like that just bring life back in to perspective you know? So, shabbat had some great talks and then Valorie convinced me to go to the Spanish sunday school...which was brilliant. I really need to brush up on the espanol though, it's not quite like riding a bike. That night after another intense game of extreme signs, I hung out with those crazy girls from 410. Give us some fiber bars and incense and let the good times roll. Here's Richelle, Miriam, and I showing off our bars.Yesterday was a free day and we braved the cloudy day to visit an Italian Jewish Museum in West Jerusalem. While it wasn't the most impressive museum to date, the crown and circumcision chair made it worth the trip. After that a group of us headed over to a store called American Apparel where I learned how I should be dressing...seeing as how I'm American. What do you think?Of course I can't forget to include a picture of the brownie surprise which has single handedly destroyed all hope for a healthy lifestyle here in Jerusalem. You may judge, but I don't think I'll be able to remember my days in the Holy Land without thinking of these delicious little pastries right alongside things like the wailing wall and the dome of the rock. Plus, when I come home looking like a teletubbie, you will know why. Today has been a beautiful sunny day and I finally got the chance to visit the Dome of the Rock. I can't believe I've been missing out on it this whole time because the entire place just has the coolest feeling. There's such a peaceful feeling and it really is gorgeous. Sometimes I just wish I could just make the world stop and imprint on my memory the things I get to see here. Unfortunately, life doesn't work like we have cameras instead. Here's Anne and I in front of the Dome.


  1. Note to Elyse: You do not and will not ever look like a teletubbie.

    Teletubbies have TV screens on their bellies.

    Tinky Winky... Dipsy... La La... Po.

    Elyse is not a teletubbie, but I like your blog.

  2. I believe the correct form is shone. "Then a patch of sunlight shined through for just a moment..." sounds a bit odd. Not that I'm questioning your intelligence. :D

  3. Thanks Maren. I can't instincts told me that shone was the correct form, but it just sounded wrong. Good thing I have you to keep me in line. :-)

  4. I love the picture of you in the crazy outfit. LOVE!