Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok, so this blog has been a work in progress for awhile, but I decided that because these people are literally what have made this experience for me, each and every one of them deserves a line. So here it goes...all 77 of them in alphabetical order.

Janay Adams: The shekel shaq queen, she's brilliant, beautiful, and sassy all rolled into one package
Alisha Anderson: The sweetest, smartest, happiest rugby playing girl I know
Teri Ann Bennett: Sweet, smart, and is the best at being everyone's friend
Rachael Bentley: Give a wink, jump some rope, and get her to flash you that dazzling smile
Chelsea Bigney: Always looking on the bright side, she keeps everyone in line with class and sass
Ken Blomquist: class comments and video games
Steve Blunck: Never one to miss out on the 'pun', he's studious and has a mean volleyball spike
Bryan Bozung: Bald spot first week, playing the ladies, and taking everything to the extreme
Jayne Bradshaw: Sweet and spunky, she kicks volleyball butt and has artistic chops to boot
Allison Brinkerhoff: The life of the party, A. Brink is in the know how...just don't ask about her personal life
J.J. Campbell: Gigi is always smiling, wearing his red crocs, and keeping it real
Sharon Campbell: Funny, musically talented, and a master of crazy face making
Josh Cazier: The narrator of our group, he's either heading up a game or singing a catchy tune
Keri Chalk: Violinist extraordinaire who brings in the sunshine with her all-knowing smile
Stephanie Conrad: Seriously angelic and gorgeous are the first things you notice about her
Carly Curtis: Keeps you laughing with crazy stories and wondering how you lived life without her before
Jacob Curtis: Our beloved pre-mie, Jacob is chill, funny, and has at least 4 wives already
Miriam Deaver: Silly, spunky, flirty, and looks like a model when she rolls out of bed
Mckenzie Fogg: Moon is the free spirit who loves everyone and is probably a pathological liar
Emilie Foss: With her contageous laugh and life wisdom, Emilie brings joy to everyone around her
Marianne Gold: Lives up to her name like a  golden ray of sunshine with her laugh and smile
Amy Gordon: Her IQ and verbal rhetoric will put you to shame, but in a good way
Nycole Griffin: Always up for a party and good for a laugh
Annie Hale: Full of shenanigans and great accents with her partner in crime Alexis
Aubri Hilton: Wearing North Face and keeping the teachers on their toes...Ophir?
Eliza Hutchinson: Knows who she is and how to have a good time
Jecia Hutchinson: Kind and thoughtful to everyone around her
Valorie Jones: Fearless, intelligent, bold, and quietly that too much? :)
Tamarra Kemsley: I'll never forget her unshaved legs in the talent show...
Heidi Lambert: So incredibly fun and I LOVE how she always calls me Sister Bradley
Krista Landon: I imagine her as snow white...kind to everyone and all the forest animals love her
Steve Marcum: Practically a professional at parkour and GQ posing
Lara Mayfield: Knows what she wants and gets it done!
Lauren Merkley: My BFF and fellow curly haired friend
Ryan Money: In a class all his own, Money re-defines the male ego
Jordan Moody: His laugh is notorious and he's famous for making every teacher like him
Kelsey Mordue:
Matt Morgan:
Andrea Morris:
Jake Mudrick:
Richelle Nelson: This girl is the most lighthearted, unselfish, and sweet person I have ever met. I love her.
Breana Nielsen:
Chelsea Owens: Willing to give you practically anything, make you laugh, and be an all around awesome friend
Anne Pearson: This girl loves 'getting wacky' and having a good time. Her smile is infectious and she's
Hayley Peterson: Known for get some and saying "Oh hay hay!"
Lisa Peterson:
Jess Ralphs: The unselfish and lovable storyteller who makes everyone happy, Jess is the perfect roommate
Ryan Rampton: 
Shelby Rampton: 
Aleni Rasmussen: The VP of my super-secret/elite Virgin Lips club
Alexis Redd: The funniest story-teller and I'm pretty sure she's got a solid career in standup comedy
Chris Ricks: Voted most likely to flirt his way through life, Chris makes friends wherever he goes
Stefanie Roddick:
Kara Schumacher: She once told me she didn't like white people, but I think we helped her get over it ;)
Suzie Skinner: The teach's daughter who's way funnier than she'll ever let on
Shamra Smith: My sham-a-lama is always up for nerdy gaming and good stories
Ali Snarr: The most unique little mouse laugh around, she's just the right amount of sweet and giggly
Jennifer Stacey: A killer voice and impeccable fashion taste to boot
Priscilla Stewart: 
Christine Stinger: 
Jeff Stott: He can write, rap, dance, and sing, all within his towering 6 foot and some odd inches frame
Celeste Swenson:
Stefanie Tanner: What more can I say? This girl is my Jeru soul sister. Ping-pong, pranks, pantsing and more...
Chelsie Tavernier: She will become your best friend in a day...she became my BB and Camel in just one!
Whitney Thomas:
Lindsey Thurgood: The self-proclaimed individual, you won't ever be bored in a conversation with her
Cate Todd: The most dedicated shopping queen with diva fashion to back it up!
Emma Toolson: She's too cool for school...and all of us...and we know it
Angie Trujillo: Possibly an Egyptress Queen in another life, she's beautiful, loving, and kind
Kara Van Wagenen: The best care-free lovable animal impersonator you will ever meet
Jessica Veater: The bohemian beauty who won't say she's in love...
Mike Westover: His musical skills are astounding and he has a ping pong paddle named excalibur....awesome
Stephen Wilkinson: Always the gentleman, Stephen has spunk, smarts, and makes friends wherever he goes
Sarah Wills: My favorite field trip buddy and the best roomie I could ever ask for!
Kim Wilson:
Suzy Wilson:

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