Friday, April 3, 2009

Greetings from Galilee P.3

Galilee concluded on a series of exciting site visits. On Wednesday we saw the likes of the Herodian least I think that's what it was called. I got to hang my legs off the top of it and pretend like I was a monkey climbing all over things that probably weren't meant to be climbed. We also visited Tell-Dan where the nature preserve made me feel like I was in Lord of the Rings. I was a little disappointed when the trees didn't talk to me. But the Winnie the Pooh tree (which has something inside the hollow trunk that looked suspiciously like its' namesake) almost made up for it. Practicing my hide and go seek skills for the next time the fortress is attacked.
Kara, Chelsea, Breane, Aleni, and me on the Winnie the Pooh tree...deep in the hundred acre woods.

That night was our closing bonfire, and after a series of sacriligious biblical skits (I was the fruit in the Garden of Eden just to give you an idea) the most elaborate prank of the semester was pulled on Moon. The boys all staged a mock trial for all the "offences" she had committed against them. Peanut buttered handles and stolen bedsheets just to name a few. It got a little too rowdy though once they took advantage of her being taped to a chair and smeared some rather bad smelling food all over her. Boys...nuff said.
Moon and I right before she was hauled to court. I think that grimace was in anticipation and she didn't even know it.

The next day was our trip home and it was mostly spent on the bus. We stopped and saw some amazing gardens along with some other quick sites and then headed back to Jerusalem. Spent the evening partying it up in the laundry room with ping pong and clothes cleaning. I also beat a certain someone (name witheld for the sake of their own pride) whom I have secretly been plotting against since I got here. Unfortunately, I began my gloat session before checking they had left the room first and lost whatever pride I had just scrounged up. Oh well, such is my life.
Chelsie (aka BB which stands for bonding's a long story) and me in front of the gardens at Haifa.
Just to give you an idea of what it looks like when I gloat, back in the day when the sweatband used to be the trophy of choice.

Friday was our snorkeling trip to Eilat. While I didn't particularly enjoy snorting up salt water in the sea, it was good to get out in the sun (I FINALLY managed to sunburn myself since 10 days in Galilee didn't do the trick) and just chill. We even got to eat dinner at the kibbutz we visited on our way to Egypt. I swear kibbutz ice cream tastes better than anything else. Got home just in time to squeeze a group viewing of Hook (who's the shrub? Haha. Never gets old) before going to bed. Life here is just simply too exciting. I get tired just remembering it all.


  1. So I think the top picture looks like your hiding slash praying... Always a good way to go. Who said its fight or flight... There is always hiding and praying too :)

  2. Hey, I know that gloating look! Good to see you're still you. :)

  3. totally a grimace on my part...

  4. better than ecuadorian ice cream?