Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Keeper of Memories

Ok so I have this ongoing thing with memories: no matter where I am I end up being the one in charge of keeping memories (who decided it was a good idea to put me in charge of things? seriously.). I am a hard core journal keeper, picture taker, and blogger (which has not been as good as of late, sorry!). It probably has something to do with a deep seeded fear of forgetting things. I want to remember everything and I know my pathetic brain won't let me do much, so I have to document. Anyways, as a result of this, I'm now going to embark on a journey through the past 4 months about people and places that I just can't bear to forget. I know there won't be enough time for me to include everyone, but maybe once I get home I'll throw some nostalgic posts up. Anywho, here are some of my favorite pics, in no particular order, that haven't yet made the blog until now...
Here is Shamra and I on our first field trip through the city at seven arches. Shamra was one of the first friends I made here and she was always there to support my ping pong needs when no one else would.

This was the day I discovered falafel. As you can tell, Alexis and I were thoroughly enjoying ours. The free pitas and non smoking building also might have had something to do with it.

Angie and I with our rockin hard hats at Beersheba where we happened to be in range of the rockets from Gaza. Luckily, we had those hats, because if some rockets had hit us, they would have saved our lives FOR SURE!
I will miss this when we leave...Miriam giving me hugs and nuzzling my ear like a teddy bear. Although when it happens in public places we do get funny looks. What's wrong with a little lovin?!?!

My dearest Moon and I outside the church in Tiberias. This girl has more soul than a shoe store and this picture captures her essence.

Richelle and I right before our hike up Mt. Sinai. Only a true friend would sing B*witched songs with me all the way up the mountain.
My high school chum Allison (ya titans!) and I falling of Tell-i-forgot-what-it's-called. I know it's hard to read in arabic, but I'll translate...DANGER!!! FALLING ROCKS!!! ONLY STAND HERE IF YOU ARE STUPID....check.
Kara (I call her RaRa sometimes because she cheers me up) and I at the Med Sea. We're going to run a half marathon together...someday. It's on the bucket list at least.
My peeps and I in the secret cave where we officially inducted ourselves into the hall of fame. 2 Legit 2 Quit Baby! Oh and.....that was awesome.
This was our informal talent show were Angie, me, the three Steves, Anne, and Whitney all performed "Luxormotion." While I did get to play Mama Pharaoh, my favorite part was Blunck's diaper.
I knew I'd have friends here when we got off the bus for a stop on our way to Egypt and made a zen circle. Good karma lasted the whole semester! Yeeah!

The day atop Mt. Hertzl where the offical VL club roster was formed. I am happy to say that I still maintain the chair of president while Aleni continues on as VP and Stephen as an honorary member.
Suzie, Josh, Moon, and I at Sambooki with the famous brownie surprise. Who knew such great joy could come out of a small triangle pastry?
A group of us composing the 8th wonder of the world...the human pyramid. Notice I'm the one looking about to crumple on the bottom. I proclaim myself the weakest link.
And of course I can't forget better half while here in the Holy Land. Here we are at the beach in Tel Aviv where for once, we aren't acting like crazies.

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  1. Elyse,
    Even though we aren't official friends because we don't have any pictures of the two of us, I am in the zen circle picture. That counts for something, right? And why didn't we ever have club meetings?!? I would have liked that a lot. Provo? I will be there a week from today and we are going to take lots and lots of pictures together when we are neighbors this summer!!! I love you! <3 Lisa